About Kaneeni

Kaneeni is a Knowledge PortalCoding HubStory bookLaunch Pad

We imagined a simple way to take technology to people.

We decided to tell stories.

Kaneeni was born.

Our Mission

Empower people from all walks of life with knowledge, skill and opportunity

Our Vision

To create a knowledge ecosystem that will help build solutions, products and services for the world of tomorrow.

Why Kaneeni?

Kaneeni is a next gen learning and solution-ing platform based on the motto of ‘Ideate & Execute’

This is not a training institute or a coaching center. It is a hub to enable, build and share learning and implementation ideas and  experiences.  It is a 2 way street. We learn from your curiosity & inquisitiveness and you learn from our experience and expertise

What is different?

How do you remember your childhood summer holidays ? How can you recollect your last day at school? The answer is through stories.

We all love a good story. We @ kaneeni love telling them. Come learn tech through a series of stories and examples.

What do we offer?

We focus now on salesforce, data science and machine learning.

We have learning tracks for all levels. We love to talk tech to anyone interested. no tech background needed. age no bar. Only requirement : Curiosity

We have a code hub where coding challenges will be posted periodically and best solution will be awarded with handsome cash.

We love to take tech to kids. Anyone who is above 6 can take part in our Kode for Kids program. Look for some fun activities and tech stories