Code Quest

Coding Challenge


Challenge Description

Lightning Component that makes a API call to Twitter and Facebook Rest APIs

Due Date

30st August 2019

Posted Date

12th August 2019


25% Discount Voucher or $60

When a case is submitted in salesforce, look for '#' tags in it. if it has hash tags , go to twitter and Facebook public rest APIs and fetch the recent (2 days) posts with that hash tag or  closely related hashtags.

Populate a lightning component with the fetched information. This must be a running log of all the hashtags received from cases or case comments ordered by time. Latest first. The Component could be used in service console.

Develop an archival job that cleans the "posts records"  after 100 days of creation it is is not marked as archive.

Please prepare your solution bundle that is ready to be deployed and used and send it over email to

Please also prepare a one pager explaining how your solution meets the challenge and any necessary instructions 

If the solution is found to be working and working as expected (decision taken by Kaneeni Team) then you will be notified by email. You can either choose between a cash reward or a discount coupon on any of the learning tracks of your choice at kaneeni. The coupon doesn't expire.

If you have a paypal account, that would be preferred to send across the reward